The gold and silversmiths guild of Berlin

The gold and silversmiths guild of Berlin is a craft guild and forms a corporation under public law.It is based in Berlin and its area of responsibility includes the urban area of Berlin.The task of our craft guild is to promote the common commercial interests of our members.

In particular, we have:

  • To cultivate the common spirit and professional honor.
  • To strive for a good relationship between masters, journeymen and trainees.
  • To regulate and monitor the vocational training of the trainees in accordance with the regulations of the Chamber of Crafts.
  • To take the journeyman’s examination.
  • To set up or support instruction facilities and to organize courses.
  • To participate in the administration of the vocational schools in accordance with the federal and state regulations.

Membership is voluntary and bound by statutes. We differentiate between supporting, guest and ordinary members.As a member, you enjoy many advantages with us over non-organized colleagues.In the event of technical questions, legal uncertainties, disputes with customers, suppliers or insurance companies, we are at your side to advise, mediate or arbitrate.

We promote good contact between the members through joint specialist evenings that take place either with colleagues or with companies close to us.The festive acquittal ceremony of journeymen and masters in autumn of each year also serves, among other things, for collegial exchange and getting to know one another.

A major part of the guild’s work is the maintenance and organization of training and further education.By becoming a member, our colleagues express their exemplary social attitude towards this important task.

Our members and their employees can take advantage of various pecuniary benefits in the form of guild group tariffs and special discounts from interesting business partners.

Apply at or +49 (0) 30 393 50 36