Apprenticeship competition

„Rolling Stone“

“Rolling Stone” is the name of the guild for its junior competition for Berlin trainees in gold and silversmiths.Analogous to the well-known stone which – when it starts rolling – can change a lot, this term stands for the imaginative development of the trainees, who are positively supported by their participation.The conditions of participation provide for a procedure similar to that prescribed for the journeyman’s examination.In this way, the trainees are optimally prepared for their final examination and, with good results and a little luck, will receive an attractive material prize.The annual award distinguishes 3 training years with 3 places each and / or a commendation.Participation is voluntary, but is welcomed and encouraged by the trainers.

The awarding of the best takes place in autumn of the year during the festive acquittal ceremony of the journeymen and women goldsmiths.

The winners are listed below with their competition pieces sorted by topic.