The goldsmith’s apprenticeship is officially recognized and the training lasts three and a half years.

The goldsmith goes through a holistic training path up to the completion of the vocational training with the journeyman’s examination, which in today’s world of division of labor is only rarely foundin the craft.Starting with the design with colored drawings of a customer on the exact design of the workflow to finishing a finished piece of jewelery is made.The trainees learn to melt and alloy high-quality raw materials.The design and manufacture of functional elements and the individual design and manufacture of chains are also an integral part of the training.Gemstones are set independently, for this purpose frames and settings are made and assembled. The assignment and handling of gemstones is also taught.

Jewelery reworking and repairs are part of the training of the goldsmith.

In addition to the necessary knowledge about the commissioning and use of machines, the use of various tools and the production of small tools, occupational safety, environmental protection and the rational use of energy are also part of the job description.

Through the introduction to the latest machine technology (e.g. vacuum casting) and the latest technologies (e.g. laser technology and CAD processes), basic knowledge of innovative techniques is acquired during the training.However, traditional tools such as saw bows, files and pliers are still among the goldsmith’s main tools.